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How we started our Adventure

This is us (the P Family) in our natural habitat, circa August 2018. A few months prior, The Husband had taken a job which moved him halfway across the country, possibly to be moved elsewhere after a short while. The Wife, The Kid, and The Wiener Dog moved in with other family so they could save money in the meantime.

That separation lasted all of one month because The Wife went crazy, not being able to stand being away from The Husband. So crazy, in fact, that she packed up all the necessities, The Dog, and The Kid (who was three, by the way) into their tiny little car and drove 1400 miles to Colorado. It took three days, and they had to buy a tent so they could camp to save money.

They’ve been on an adventure ever since.

Soooo…. Who are we, as individuals?

Mama P aka The Wife aka Meghan: A licensed attorney with way too many degrees to not have a real job. Lover of mountains, winter sports, all things creative, and impractical clothing. If anyone on this website uses the word “I,” it is probably Mama.

Dad P aka The Husband aka Joe: A successful chef, working primarily in hospitals. Dream job is actually to be a stay-at-home parent and board game designer (he’s already made some – ask about them!). Mama P got him into traveling, and now he’s addicted.

The Kid aka JR: A kid. Currently three years old and likes books, racecars, climbing things, blocks, and “helping.” Surprisingly content and excited for the adventures Mama and Dad P take him on, even when they require being in the car for most of the day or hiking way more than most kids his age would be okay with.

The Baby aka Oz: A baby, born in June. Current state count: 2.

The Wiener Dog aka Elliot: A dog. Very small, quite loud. Wonderful cuddler, but has severe separation anxiety.

But wait, there’s more!

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I know there’s not a lot going on with some of our social media – we’re kind of new to this regularly-posting stuff. We’re getting there.