Sometimes, it’s just easier to be normal.

Eating out with the P Fam

If you have followed our family at all, you can tell we are a bit odd. We constantly travel. We are 80% vegetarian. Then there’s that weird obsession with dachshunds. But sometimes, just like in your home I assume, it is easier to go out to eat instead of making dinner.

Since we are odd you could picture us at hipster coffee shops and all vegan casual locales. This is true. However, we are red blooded Americans and we love a good, simple meal such as burgers and fries.

Which brings me to this post. Chef Joe himself will review any notable restaurants we dine at, partly as a culinarian food critic, partly as your average family man. Right now we are based in Denver so I have lots of material there. But we’ve been all over the Western United States, and who knows where we will go next.

How many Burger Parks?

Park Burger has four locations in the Denver area. Platt Park which is near University of Denver, Rino on Walnut St. downtown, Highlands just across the river on the north side, and Hilltop near Cherry Creek and Glendale. Two North, Two South(ish). The mastermind behind this establishment spread them out so you can get your burger fix wherever you are in Denver.

We have only been to the Hilltop location, I’m making it a point to check out the others.

What to Expect

Now, I could give you the sale pitch on what makes this place great and string a tale of french fries laced in gold. That’s not my job, that’s their marketing team’s job. Check out the Park Burger website for the specifics.

You walk in and you see the open kitchen behind the bar straight out of a 1950’s soda fountain. Then you see the widescreen TV’s playing sports and such in usual sports bar fashion. The Hockey game was playing, so Mama P was especially pleased. There are plenty of tables of varying sizes in this cozy restaurant, they can probably feed 60 seats easily, not a lot. The important part for me was a distinct barrier between the front tables (where families such as us were seated) and the bar area in the back that served alcohol. Its not like a big wall with a gate and a password, just a decorative barrier that seems natural and kept the little guy less exposed.

The Important Part (Spoilers, its the food)

If you’ve seen one modern burger joint you’ve seen them all, right? Not exactly. There are many restaurants that try to get creative with their “flavors”. Here’s the Tex Mex burger with Guac and stuff. There’s the Mediterranean burger with fig jam and arugula. Oh look, the classic mushroom-swiss and bacon-cheddar, blah blah blah. Park Burger has those, but a couple of options surprised me. They offer Pancetta and Giardineira as toppings which you rarely see outside of certain Italian restaurants.

Here’s my favorite part though. For each menu item you can choose a beef, turkey, or veggie burger. Oh. My. Goodness. Its that easy folks. Same flavor, different patty, and now you appeal to a billion more people. (Not an official statistic)

The last time we went I ordered El Chilango (the one with the Guac…) and Mama P went with Get Figgy with it (that fig one I mentioned) but with a veggie patty. Wait, I forgot my favorite part. That’s a lot of favorite parts for those of you keeping score. The french fries rock. We got a big ol’ basket of Truffle Parmesan Fries. Truffle oil on french fries might seem fancy, but most GOOD burger places serve them these days, its a fad.

I mentioned the 1950’s soda fountain vibe earlier. Maybe its more like a malt shop. It true American fashion there is a classic dessert to accompany your classic meal. Milkshakes. The milkshake menu is not as extensive as an ice cream shop, but its great. Cool, creamy, and candy-riffic (totally a word), their milkshakes are pretty darn tasty.

Finally, closing remarks… I’m not one for reviewing something on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. I feel that if people like it, they vote 5, if they don’t then its a 1. If you rate something in between you put too much thought into it or are lying. Instead I try to genuinely recommend or not recommend something with an intention. In this case, if you like burger with your family, or burgers with beer (I didn’t even talk about the beer menu, its good, check it out), burgers with fries, burgers with milkshakes, or burgers with more burgers, then make sure you stop here while you’re in Denver, Colorado.

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